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E-Portfolios #LINCchat Summary

On January 22nd, 2016, LINC/ESL/EAL practitioners and administrators met on Twitter once again to share their experiences and thoughts on implementing e-Portfolios in their programs. It has been an inspiring and thought-provoking chat full of useful ideas and resources. I have summarized the e-Portfolio #LINCchat below to spark your interest in this exciting collaborative PD opportunity and also let you know about the online gems that were shared during the discussion. 
@EALStories Hi everyone at #LINCchat. I teach in the LINC program at NorQuest in Edmonton. I'm joining you on my lunch break so I may have to leave.~ Bonnie
@ram_diane Hello from Ottawa. I teach online so am very interested in e-portfolios ~ Diane
@LINCInstructor Hi Everyone, Looking forward to learning from those who are already using e-portfolios ~ Augusta 
@thespreadingoak Lurking - don't do e-ports - how feasible? ~ Claudie
@linatabbaa69 Hi, I'm Lina from Ajax… ~ Lina
@tori_mazur I'm Tori, snowed/iced in down in North Carolina USA. Tech Facilitator and ESL teacher interested in E-Portfolios. Hi!~ Ms. Tory
@vesnaradivojev Vesna from Vancouver ~ Vesna
@GreenJasongreen Jason from Vancouver. I teach online in a blended class ~Jason
@LearnIT2Teach Just finding out about the good conversations. Sorry we missed yesterday's. Lots to say about blended learning but missed the boat. ~ LearnIT2Teach
.@StanzaSL and I are your moderators for this #LINCchat and we will be sharing Qs throughout to keep the conversation moving. ~ Svetlana and Nathan

Chat Questions:
Q1: What is the purpose of e-portfolios in a language class?  
Q2: What are the benefits of using e-portfolios in language teaching?  
Q3: What are some of the challenges and issues that students and teachers face with e-portfolios? 
Q4: How are e-portfolios evaluated? 
Q5: How can student learning be enhanced by using e-portfolios? 
Q6: What web tools can be used to manage e-portfolios in language classes? What have you done? What would you like to try?  
Q7: Challenge time: What is one way you could start using e-Portfolios with your students?

Pre-chat discussion:

Q1: What is the purpose of e-portfolios in a language class?

  • Learning portfolio: collect evidence, demonstrate achievement, but mostly support deeper learning through reflection ~ Augusta
  • Yes, the reflection piece is so very important and so easy to do online. (As long as our students can type). ~ Bonnie
  • They could audio record their reflections if typing is an issue:) ~ Svetlana
  • Yes, I use  Learner's record on their own time or lab time ~ Diane
  • This is why I don't use Vocaroo any more: … ~ Nathan
  • What do you use now? ~ Diane
  • I found Speakpipe works well. Lots of other benefits. Just shared the link ~ Nathan
  • But you can do that with written portfolios (hard copy...) ~ Claudie
  • E-portfolios create opportunities for creativity and multimodal texts that suit Ss' learning styles ~ Augusta
  • E-portfolios serve as product of language learning and growth over time. Can follow the student. ~ Ms. Tori
  • I think this is especially helpful to Ss to see their own progress. ~ Nathan
  • Yes! Empowering for students to see/hear/read their own growth.~ Ms. Tori
  • Absolutely! And I think the student has more ownership, both of the portfolio and of the learning. ~ Bonnie
  • Basically, portfolios are not just about curation. ~ Nathan

  • Reflection is a key part of PBLA. Some of my tech-savvy students in CLB 5/6 link their blogs right to their EP. ~ Bonnie
  • Love the idea! ~ Augusta
  • The rich media options (audio/video/etc.) set it apart from paper-based portfolios ~ Nathan
  • how do you set limits? What is too much, what enough - like Pinterest - 1000 soup recipes - so what? ~ Claudie
  • Good ones??? :) ~ Svetlana
  • Hehe Good soup recipes - wonderful - but after a while you don't know what you've got… ~ Claudie
  • The purpose is key. A LinkedIn profile could be a student portfolio if they are learning language to get a job ~ Svetlana
  • Good point! It is easy to use a portfolio just to collect artefacts ~ Diane
  • Where to start? I always start with the goal - Why? What for? And then what is needed to get there - manageable and small steps ~ Svetlana
  • Eportfolios start with the same purpose as paper-based portfolios - evidence of learning - but eportfolios can go beyond this.  ~ Bonnie
  • And eportfolios have the advantage of portability and flexible access. ~ Bonnie
  • Agree: evidence of learning and beyond ~ Svetlana
  • To help with assessment ~ Vesna

Q2: What are the benefits of using e-portfolios in language teaching?

  • Eportfolios based on student goals provide an authentic opportunity to integrate language, tech and also life skills  ~ Svetlana
  • I agree, I find e-Portfolios easier to manage and track  ~ Diane
  • No more lost binders! ~ LearnIT2Teach
  • E-portfolios are much more than assessment. It is more of map using mile markers ~ Nathan
  • Eportfolios are shareable. Based on learner's goal, they could be shared with other people faster and easier than paper-based ones ~ Svetlana
  • So true! I use Google docs so I can share the e-portfolio with a few clicks ~ Diane
  • I've used Google Sites; students created their own Site & had creative control. I helped upload PBLA tasks.  ~ Bonnie
  • Could I see a sample? ~ Diane
  • Great for students who excel at oral skills - personalized learning ~ Augusta

Q3: What are some of the challenges and issues that students and teachers face with e-portfolios?

  • Agree: Academic, online EP essential - but LINC (me -6/7) - can't justify time & effort & worry means more testing, less teaching. ~ Claudie
  • Can see use in credit courses/set curriculum - but issues with continuous intake/noncredit needs adjusted LINC.... ~ Claudie
  • Eportfolios take a lot of planning and initial work by the instructor. ~ Bonnie
  • Can you give some examples of what to plan for when starting from ground zero? ~ Ms. Tori
  • Depends on what platform you are using. Think about limitations, outcomes, expectations ~ Bonnie
  • I suppose both.  As @EALStories just mentioned - need to think of limitations and expectations. ~ Ms. Tori
  • I made following the instructions for setting up their eportoflio into a PBLA task for my CLB 6's. Here are my instructions, if anyone's interested. (Be kind; this is my first try with EPs!)   ~ Bonnie
  • TY for sharing : ) ~ Augusta
  • I always welcome feedback! Please let me know if you have any suggestions. ~ Bonnie
  • What do learners need to do to get ready for portfolios? ~ LearnIT2Teach
  • I think prompts are very helpful for students with eportfolios. Here's a source that I found helpful:  ~ Bonnie

Q4: How are e-portfolios evaluated?

  • Maybe the evaluation should be done, at least in part, using the same tools used to create the e-portfolio? ~ Augusta
  • Summative ~ Jason
  • Can they not also be formative? ~ Ms. Tori

Q5: How can student learning be enhanced by using e-portfolios?

  • Depending on age range, could they not also participate in the creation, curation, etc.? ~ Ms. Tori
  • I think this is key. ~ Nathan
  • EPs can help students be autonomous learners. My students loved creating their EPs & then inviting me -they had choice & control ~ Bonnie
  • Involving students, giving them an active role ~ Diane
  • Using blogs/vlogs/podcasts for reflection ~ Svetlana

Q6: What other tools can be used to manage e-portfolios in language classes?

  • Access to a scanner, if we are uploading paper-based tasks. Not all ss have the skills to complete all tasks digitally. ~ Bonnie
  • Right now I embed a Student sample in MP3 into a word doc and upload in a Moodle folder. Primitive ~ Jason
  • Simple is good! If eportoflios get too complicated, they won't work for our students. ~ Bonnie
  • I don't think that's primitive at all.  It works, right? ~ Ms. Tori
  • Exactly. ~ Nathan

Other questions:

  • Has anyone used the portfolio feature available through edulinc or Mahara? ~ Augusta
  • I use Mahara for my personal portfolio but Google Sites with students. I know there's a Mahara plug-in for Moodle. ~ Bonnie
  • I will check out what @LearnIT2Teach uses. Thanks! ~ Bonnie
  • Would love to exchange some ideas! I want to see if it's a viable feature for e-portfolios ~ Augusta
  • For sure, let's keep the conversation going and the ideas flowing. ~ Bonnie


Now is your turn! 
Q7: Challenge time: What is one way you could start using e-Portfolios with your students? Feel free to share your ideas using #LINCchat hashtag.

I hope to see you all at our next #LINCchat!
March 22, 2016
9-10 p.m. EST
6-7 p.m. PST

“Teaching Pronunciation in LINC”

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