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Sourcing and Using Authentic Materials for LINC

Join us on November 20 (10:30am - 11:30am PST and 1:30pm - 2:30pm EST): Sourcing and Using Authentic Materials for LINC.

On November 3rd 2015 language teachers across Canada exchanged their ideas and practices in a slow #LINCchat format. I'm posting our #LINCchat summary below to ignite your interest in this powerful form of PD. Please see the reproduction of the #LINCchat summary prepared and posted by Nathan Hall on

"Leveraging Technology in LINC"

Question 1: What are some ways you can use technology to allow Ss to discover the language?

Question 2: How are use using technology within your LINC classroom?

Question 3: What role do you see yourself taking as teacher in regards to using technology in the classroom?

Question 4: Do you make use of technology in assessment? If so, how?

Question 5: What are some struggles you have faced with using technology? Were you able to overcome it? How?

Question 6: How are you able to move the learning from being more passive to more active through using technology?

Question 7: Challenge time: What could you do in the upcoming weeks to help yourself or someone else to implement tech in the classroom?

Authentic Language in Use

  • For myself, I use technology to give Ss access to authentic language in use - Nathan (@nathanghall)
  • I agree . . . using the tech itself is a real-life task, esp 4 my low level students,builds confidence in #digcit - Jennifer (@jennifermchow)

Task-Based Instruction

  • I use technology for task-based instruction: combination of digital literacy and language skills - Svetlana (@StanzaSL)
  • What tech tool is your fav for TBL? - Diane (@ram_diane)
  • I like using websites other than language learning to develop language and life skills. I'm trying to keep a list - Svetlana (@StanzaSL)
  • My list is here - Svetlana (@StanzaSL)
  • We should swap lists - Diane (@ram_diane)
  • Let's create an open one, for all to add their own resources Google sheets? What do you think? - Svetlana (@StanzaSL)
  • A digital literacy section on possibly? - Svetlana (@StanzaSL)
  • I think that's a great idea! Does someone want to start it? We could post it on the #LINCchat Tutela group - LISTN (@listncanada)

Using Facebook Groups

  • I have a private group on Facebook. I post jokes, funny videos. Learners comment, interact - Diane (@ram_diane)

Discovering the Language

  • I'm pondering the use of the expression "discover the language" - so rich and full of potential. Ideas to follow! - Sheri (@whistlepunch)

Learning Partners

  • With my Literacy group, I start with the concept of technology as a learning partner - Svetlana (@StanzaSL)
  • I love this idea of "learning partner". Would love to explore this more - LISTN (@listncanada)

Authentic Listening Material

Language in Action

  • Technology - especially social media engagement allows sts to see language in action in authentic ways - where texts may not - Sheri (@whistlepunch)
  • e.g. an authentic speech sample - recorded and shared or found on the web. Transcription shows what we really do when we speak - Sheri (@whistlepunch)
  • Exactly. There was a session given by @UAlbertaELS at #TESL15 that talked about this. They edited using Audacity - LISTN (@listncanada)

Gathering Material Together with Students


  • just used it yesterday-my ss 4 months ago were the last to make entries in the learner dictionary. V underutilized - Anna (for TESL Ontario) (@TESLOntario)
  • I just wish Lextutor was more user friendly. Ss and Ts are often put off - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • Hear, hear. Hello, 1986 interface. How I've missed you - Anna (for TESL Ontario) (@TESLOntario)
  • There's a project! Such a valuable resource but fairly intimidating to engage with! - Sheri (@whistlepunch)
  • I don't really even care that much that it is ugly, but it is tricky to use - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • The ss care, tho. It's always a hard sell at first - Anna (for TESL Ontario) (@TESLOntario)
  • For sure! Don't get me wrong, I would like a nicer look as well, but just want more time put into usage - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • Reminds me of a recent conversation - usability does not mean "pretty it up"! - Sheri (@whistlepunch)
  • Yeah, I find it best to sit down w/ ss 1:1 in lab & work thru together. Helps me remember what to do:) - Anna (for TESL Ontario) (@TESLOntario)

Teachers Need to Know Technology

  • Just jumping in teachers NEED to get on board. Tech isn't an add on anymore, it's a requirement - Shawna (@ShawnaWiKo)
  • While I understand the apprehension, it is a necessity - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • Agree. Literacy and tech can't be seen as separate, tech continually redefines what literacy is - Jennifer (@jennifermchow)
  • Sts from a class where tech is integrated will expect that others will also make use of tech for learning - Sheri (@whistlepunch)
  • I think if we don't use technology in our classes in this age, the learning process will be incomplete - Luaibi (@luaibi)
  • You r so right! Tech is not an option; it's a prof skill. Ts must teach online language tasks, eg write an email - Joanne (@pettispbla)

ESL Podcasts

Using Images

Empowering the User

  • It was useful 2 reflect how I use tech as a consumer, creator, collaborator? How does tech empower me? How can it empower Ss? - Jennifer (@jennifermchow)
  • Answer a Q with even better Qs! Would love to hear what others would say about this :-) - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • Critical to be an active user of tech before adopting it in class. I test it out personally first! - Sheri (@whistlepunch)
  • I agree. Different tools may be appropriate based on contexts. Tech needs to get Sts to their learning goals faster - Svetlana (@StanzaSL)
  • Sometimes I feel like more of a student than teacher when using technology in the classroom. Using student expertise critical! - Angela (@eslangela)
  • It also helps them articulate what they are learning - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • Personally, a teacher should use Tech to empower students - Uzma (@UzmaLINC)
  • I totally agree. Technology is not about entertaining; it's about empowering/enabling - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • I believe that teachers need to be facilitators in all things, but especially technology use - Nathan (@nathanghall)

Not Making Assumptions

  • We shouldn't assume our Ss know how to use tech better than us. We can discover and learn about tools together - Shawna (@ShawnaWiKo)
  • Yes! Our Ss may be 'tech savvy' in certain elements of technology, but not all areas - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • Yes, spent half an hour 'trouble shooting' with a student today - Robin (@RobinNCPeace)
  • Tech support often doubles as a chance to get to know the student individually, as well - Glen (@GlenFCochrane)
  • Absolutely! Doesn't have to be about a specific language component. Still part of the learning process - Nathan (@nathanghall)


  • I have used Edmodo quite a bit. Anything I can help with? - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • Trying to give s's access Educanon videos through Edmodo. working out glitches thru help pages, tutorials, failing - Robin (@RobinNCPeace)
  • Ouch! I hope it worked out in the end for both of you - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • I think I'll get there eventually - Robin (@RobinNCPeace)
  • Free edmodo app and free eduCanon basic. :-) - Sue (@SueGermer)
  • Do you still find that Edmodo is your tool of choice for adult learners for 'intuitive' and easy use? - Robin (@RobinNCPeace)
  • Edmodo is still one of the easiest for adult Ss to learn. Not a lot to know - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • I have used it quite a bit, but institutional restrictions and privacy laws don't always allow it - LISTN (@listncanada
  • re. Edmodo: have you used the assignments or badges and found them useful w adults? I've just been using posting and replies - Robin (@RobinNCPeace)
  • Not the badges, but I do use the assignments. It works well with the calendar - LISTN (@listncanada)

Printable Guides

Using Twitter

  • We have just started a twitter account so students can follow - Rachel (for LINCWindsor) (@LINCWindsor)
  • What kind of things do you use it for? - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • reminders, TY guest speakers, upcoming events, photos of school events, field trip photos, community resource sharing - Rachel (for LINCWindsor) (@LINCWindsor)
  • Anyone else using a school twitter account to get the word out? Any good ideas to pass along? - Rachel (for LINCWindsor) (@LINCWindsor)
  • Do you have Ss send out Tweets as well using the one account? - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • Some of the teachers are doing that. Want to start doing it in my class too! - Rachel (for LINCWindsor) (@LINCWindsor)

Literacy Lesson Plan

iPad Project

Building a Community of Practice

  • My interest is learning about tech I can use to support Ts in a community of practice, esp re #PBLA - Joanne (@pettispbla)
  • Yes! I guess the big Q is, how do we get more Ts involved? - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • I'm an old dog. If I can learn a few basic skills, anyone can. Webinars can be helpful. Also sessions at conferences - Joanne (@pettispbla)
  • Age is not an issue with Edtech. Mindset is. Great ideas to learn mentioned by @pettispbla - Anna (for TESL Ontario) (@TESLOntario)
  • I think it is with learning anything. It depends on the amount of scaffolding already there - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • I hoped TUTELA would be the hub, but people are becoming discouraged at its slow, unwieldy, unresponsiveness - Joanne (@pettispbla)
  • This is something that is being addressed. Have had a number of meetings lately with them. New things coming! - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • Would love to have a thematic Module Bank on Tutela for ESL and ESL Literacy - Joanne (@pettispbla)
  • This is something that would be such a help to so many. Let's hope this happens - LISTN (@listncanada)

Open Spaces

  • Role distinction between Open Spaces (class community member) and Closed/One-to-One spaces (adviser, tech & language support) - Glen (@GlenFCochrane)

Windows 10

  • Off topic, but are many classes upgrading their computers to Windows 10? - Robin (@RobinNCPeace)
  • I would suspect not many. Most are still using Windows 7 - LISTN (@listncanada)

Purchasing Online Tools

  • Wondering if anyone uses online tools (Not free) which are worth paying for? - Robin (@RobinNCPeace)
  • I hear Camtasia is considered worth the $$. Also, some apps are free on laptops, but not tablets/phones - Anna (for TESL Ontario) (@TESLOntario)

Digital Presence

Practical Ideas



  • One thing that has been an issue in the past for LINC Ss is access to technology outside the classroom - LISTN (@listncanada)
  • I know a number of Ts also struggle with dealing with sharing files between Ss and S to T - Nathan (@nathanghall)
  • I wonder how many Ts have discussed with their Ss what it means to register for a site - Nathan (@nathanghall)
  • I use tech with YLs after extensive e-safety lesson, parent info and only with sites which don't require reg details - Helen (@ITLegge)
  • @padlet, @edmodo, @todaysmeet, @titanpad etc! - Helen (@ITLegge)
  • My classrooms are largely tech free. Institutional rules/privacy - Marc (@getgreatenglish)
  • Do you use offline tools (ex. cameras / video / voice recorders)? - Nathan (@nathanghall)
  • Occasionally own devices for recording voice or using voice recognition. Always their choice and I offer my device for use - Marc (@getgreatenglish)

Moving from Passive to Active

Personal Challenge

  • Challenge yourself to use a new tool and Tweet how it goes - Shawna (@ShawnaWiKo)
  • Start convos about successes & challenges w/ colleagues about using tech.Thnx@LISTNCanada & @StanzaSL 4 this #LINCchat. Enjoyed it! - Jennifer (@jennifermchow)
Contribute to the conversation using #LINCchat hashtag.

Look forward to chatting with you on November 20 (10:30am - 11:30am PST and 1:30pm - 2:30pm EST): Sourcing and Using Authentic Materials for LINC.

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