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Looking forward to our next #LINCchat on October 6th, 2015!

Our very first #LINCchat organized by LISTN occurred on September 22, 2015. Language professionals from Ontario, BC and Alberta made it happen. Needless to say, I’m delighted to have been invited to co-moderate with Nathan Hall. I’m writing this post to encourage you to participate in #LINCchat - an exciting opportunity for self-directed and collaborative continuing professional development (CPD). If you haven’t experienced a Twitter chat before, this is the right time to get on board. Lots of support and helpful tutorials are available courtesy of LISTN.

To get started, read the introductory document HERE.

I personally found it very convenient to follow and tweet directly using the link: #lincchat

If you are a user, join our #LINCchat group for chat summaries, resources and updates. 
A short account of the first #LINCchat (available on was prepared by Nathan Hall. With his permission, I’d like to share it with you here as wellJ

#LINCchat for September 22 - "Teaching in LINC - the good, the bad, and the (not so) ugly"

Posted by Nathan Hall on 23-09-2015 16:19 EST

The topic for the evening was deliberately chosen to get things started and to get a sense of where #LINCchat should be heading in the future. We discussed five questions related to working in LINC and some of the highs and lows that come with that. While the discussion could have wandered off into a gripe session, the focus instead was on the joys of teaching and ways in which we can grow as a community. Here are some of the highlights:
'Question 1: What is something you enjoy about teaching in a LINC program?'
  • I enjoy the academic freedom. I'm not tied to a text book. Also REALLY love feeling I make a difference in the world. - Kelly (@JoyOfESL)
  • I love watching the process of Newcomers settling into life in Canada. - Diane (@ram_diane)
  • It has to be the personal connections made over lessons. - TESL Ottawa (@teslottawa)
  • Believing in newcomer/learner success makes a difference. - Svetlana (@StanzaSL)
  • I'm not in the classroom, but get inspired by the dedication of LINC teachers, the work ethic is so strong.'' - Shawna (@ShawnaWiKo)
'Question 2: What is something you struggle with as a LINC instructor? What would help you with that?'
  • I struggle with work-life balance. I could easily neglect partner, exercise, etc. and just plan lessons 24/7 - Kelly (@JoyOfESL)
  • The struggles are rarely with the students, it's mostly the admin load. - TESL Ottawa (@teslottawa)
  • I need to become more efficient. Work smarter, not more. - Kelly (@JoyOfESL)
  • Here are two: PBLA and resources. - Bonnie Jean (@EALStories)
  • Finding the time to learn all the cool new things I want to do with my learners. - Diane (@ram_diane)
  • Expecting so much out of Ts but not giving them adequate time to adapt to the changes. I think administrators are doing as much as they can to offer support, they have their frustrations, too. - Shawna (@ShawnaWiKo)
  • Finding time to implement new things - Svetlana (@StanzaSL)
  • The diversity the students bring into our classes is great, yet it can also be a challenge. - Augusta (@LINCInstructor)
  • Instructors need to learn to multitask and be efficient to accommodate individual differences. - Svetlana (@StanzaSL)
'Question 3: As we look forward to the future of #LINCchat, what topics would you like to cover?'
  • Supporting each other through PBLA, ways to work smarter, efficiencies. - Kelly (@JoyOfESL)
  • Wonder if we could have a librarian join us sometime to guide us on Fair Use under Copyright legislation. - Shawna (@ShawnaWiKo)
'Question 4: What is something you have learned teaching LINC?'
  • Sometimes less is more. - Kelly (@JoyOfESL)
  • I learned that I set an example. - Svetlana (@StanzaSL)
  • I learned all about how things work in Ottawa, and about e-portfolios. - Diane (@ram_diane)
'Question 5: Time for a challenge: What is something you could do this week to make things better for you and/or your students? '
  • Okay. I will alert my colleagues. Know 2 new teachers who will be interested. - Kelly (@JoyOfESL)
  • I'm going to let them take the reins more. - Kelly (@JoyOfESL)
  • I want to work on spending more time listening in class and less time talking :-) - Scott (@scottroydouglas)
'A couple of other highlights including these:'
  • This is the first time I've ever tweeted! - Robin (@RobinNCPeace)
  • Have to say this is much more pertinent to me than #ELTchat. - Kelly (@JoyOfESL)


#LINCchat in October:

To perpare for our next chat, you may wish to consult the CLB Support Kit. See below:)
 I hope you will join us!!!
#LINCchat moderators,
Svetlana Lupasco & Nathan Hall.

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