Friday, 2 August 2013

Learning to be social online or do not forget to say "thank you"...

Today I was reminded of the importance of sending a quick "thank you" message.

Since I joined Twitter, my presence on the internet has grown exponentially. I joined new networks and updated the old ones. Now you can find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Scoopit, Linkedin, I have two blogs and a wiki, and much more. Since last September, I have exchanged messages online with more people than I did in my entire pre-Twitter life. Said that, I haven't always thanked people who joined me or shared and exchanged information with me or allowed me to join them . I often disregarded the courtesy of saying "thank you" because I did not feel comfortable or appropriate to say it (to be more precise, send a "thank you" message). Isn't it silly! "Thank you" is the most appropriate message in any contexts. And if you are thinking whether you should be thanking a person or not, you probably should. Therefore, if you are like me - embracing technology and learning to be social at the same time - there is a good tip to start with:

Do not hesitate to say thank you or, even better, always send thank you message when:

  • You have been followed or  retweted on Twitter;
  • Your friend request has been accepted or someone left you a nice comment on Facebook;
  • Someone commented on your blog or you liked someone's blog post and want to thank this person for good work, etc.

When in doubt what to say, say “thank you”!

If you have more tips, please share them in the comments...

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